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Solution-Focus in moments of conflict


Tools and beyond

We all want to make our working relations constructive and appreciative. But sometimes atmospheric disturbances arise - moments of conflict manifest themselves between employees, colleagues and also customers.

Being able to react quickly, confidently and adequately as a manager, team leader or as a colleague in such situations makes a significant contribution to shortening the suffering. This not only makes it possible to continue the work together constructively but even to deepen it.

The Solution-Focused approach offers an effective and surprisingly simple set of tools to effectively move forward constructively in conflict situations.

In this workshop, you don't just discover easy-to-handle tools. You also take a look at your own "pattern of success". We will also deal with how the manager or team leader can appropriately and flexibly react to the situation – and where there are limits. Because sometimes it is also appropriate to involve an external specialist.



  • Gain security and serenity in dealing with moments of conflict offline and online
  • Discover new options for action and Solution-Focused tools.
  • Focus and strengthen your proven "patterns of success"
  • Use existing trust from the ones around you as a resource
  • Know the boundary of your professionalism



  • Experiment with the solution focus and:
  • Develop and practice alternatives for your own conflict situations and challenging topics and receive effort focused feedback
  • Learn from case stories.
Katalin Hankovszky

Katalin Hankovszky


Is a coach and Solutionsurfer®. As a leader of a small enterprise and coach of leaders and organisations, she’s gathering her everyday practice of having good conflicts.

Katalin introduces Solution Focus in any organisation which asks for it and supports practitioners in having fruitful conversations at work and beyond.

Biba Rebolj

Biba Rebolj


Biba is an international trainer in Solution Focused practice, who has been working with groups and teams since 2015.

Recently, she has been running workshops on conflict resolution, team work and stress relief for the Ministry of public administration in Slovenia, as part of preparing Slovenian government for the European 2021 presidency and has been applying Solution Focused approach to those settings.

future:live is a Danish conference with the purpose of spreading the knowledge of the Solution Focused Approach (SF) in organisations within areas such as organisational development, HR, management, coaching, and employee and team development.

“Solution Focused practice is transforming coaching, consulting, managing and leading in organisations all over the world.

The approach values simplicity in philosophy and language, and aims to discover “what works” in a given situation, simply and practically.

The focus is on what is wanted (not what is wrong), what is going well (rather than what has gone badly) and practical progress (rather than explanatory theory), and this focus leads to a positive and pragmatic way of working with organisations and individuals.

SF has its roots in a therapeutic approach devised by Insoo Kim Berg and Steve de Shazer at BFTC Milwaukee and others.”

– Taken from the homepage

The Solution Focused Approach is significantly more known in organisations outside of Denmark, which is something Solutionsurfers Denmark hopes to change by hosting this regional SOLWorld conference.

You cannot solve a problem with the same kind of thinking that led to the problem.
Albert Einstein

What is Solution Focus?

The Solution Focused approach is a specific way of working through distinguished use of interaction around preferred future, existing resources and signs of progress.

Preferred Future

A detailed description of a wished future destination. What will be different, what others will notice as different and how they will react differently as a result of that.

Existing Resources

Exploring what has happened in the recent past that contained small elements of the preferred future.

Signs of Progress

A detailed picture of signs – in form of specific actions – that will occur when beginning to move in the direction of the preferred future.

Get to know more


On the English Solutionsurfers homepage you will find interesting articles on how Solution Focus is used in coaching and other useful conversations.

Solution Focus in Organisations is an international network of solution-focused practitioners which promotes, supports and develops research and applications of Solution Focus in Organisations.

Case stories

SF Success. On this website you will find case studies and stories of work from around the world made by solution focused practitioners.

Who is behind?

future:live is organised by Jesper H Christiansen (Solutionsurfers Danmark) together with Sara Vardil Radich, Solution Partners.


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Jesper H Christiansen
Vesterbrogade 99C
DK-1620 Copenhagen V

Direct contact:

+45 2614 8739‬

+45 4094 0013

The conference is a part of the SOLWorld community – SOLWorld – Solutions in Organisations Linkup – a global community whose members are consultants, leaders, coaches, HR-managers and many others. They have in common that they use the Solution Focused approach in their daily work.